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Paparazzi *Catches* Joe Jonas Taking His Kids Out To Breakfast Day After Divorce Announcement

As we told you yesterday, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting a divorce after just four years of marriage. It’s a sad end to their relationship, especially when you remember they share two kids together. In fact, Turner just gave birth to their second child last year.

But apparently, there’s been tension in the marriage for several months now, and if you’ve been reading the gossip headlines from TMZ, they’ll have you believing it’s all Sophie’s fault. Their sources claim Sophie just wants to party all the time, which does not align with Joe’s personality because he wants to stay at home with their family.

However, as we pointed out yesterday, that doesn’t match up with what we know about both Sophie and Joe. A couple years back during an interview, Sophie made it clear Joe was the social butterfly who always wanted to go out. She wanted to stay inside, which is why she was somewhat thankful for the pandemic.

To us, it’s pretty clear Joe’s team is trying to gain positioning in the upcoming custody battle. They’re putting all these stories out there to make it seem like Sophie is a bad mother.

And nothing makes us believe that more than the paparazzi photos released yesterday. Photos spread online of Joe taking his two kids out to breakfast in Los Angeles with their nanny.

Paparazzi caught him smiling, laughing, and giving his kids high-fives. One look at these photos and you think, “Wow… Joe’s a great father!”

But then you start to question… how did the paparazzi know he was going to be there? The photos seem a little staged, no? Joe and Sophie have been super private with their children. They are not often photographed with them in public, so it seems a little suspicious that the day after the divorce, we get these photos of Joe being a great dad.