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Cardi B And Megan Thee Stallion Shake Their Big Butts For Three Minutes Straight In ‘Bongos’ Music Video

The last time Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B teamed up for a track, they nearly shut down the internet. Their ‘WAP‘ single, released in 2020, was perhaps the biggest song of the year. It also provided us with some hilarious TikTok videos of parents and grandparents reacting to the raunchy lyrics.

Now, three years later, Stallion and Cardi are teaming up again in a new track titled Bongos.

The music video dropped today, and safe to say, it features a lot of booty shaking. It’s basically three minutes of straight booty shaking.

The video was released just 12 hours ago and already has over one million views.