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Sharon Osbourne Claims Ashton Kutcher Is The Rudest Celebrity She’s Ever Met

The Osbourne family isn’t exactly known for being polite. In fact, their hit reality show years ago featured lots of shouting matches and crude remarks.

But during a recent appearance on E! News, matriarch Sharon Osbourne decided to call out someone else for their rudeness.

During a game of “Stir the Pot” Sharon was asked to name the rudest celebrity she’s ever met, “The guy that’s married to an actress and he used to do ‘That 70s Show,” she said instantly.

Her daughter, Kelly, helped her with the name, “Ashton Kutcher? Really?”

Yes. Oh, rude, rude, rude, rude little boy. Dastardly little thing.

She did not expand on what made him so rude, but it appears she may still be holding a grudge from an incident that happened years ago when she was a co-host on The Talk.

During an interview with Larry King back in 2018, she talked about how Ashton was mad at her for not remembering his name before the show.

I didn’t get on with one guy, that Ashton Kutcher. Didn’t get on with him at all. He was pissed. And he comes on with an attitude, and he goes, ‘What have you done in this industry?’ And I was like, ‘Kid, don’t start with me because I’m going to eat you up and s–t you out,’ I was just like, ‘You don’t know what you’re dealing with kid.’

Now that we know the context, you can bet that Sharon “not remembering” his name during the E! News chat was 100% intentional.

But hey, I think Ashton is getting the last laugh here. He’s clearly more famous and more successful, so you know, it looks like he knew exactly who he was dealing with.