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Salma Hayek Claims The Key To Looking Young In Your 50s Is NOT Exercise!

At 57-years-old, Salma Hayek still looks like she’s in her 40s. She has posted several bikini snaps in recent months, and let’s just say, not many women pushing 60 look like her.

So how does she do it? It must be lots of exercise, right? Wrong, at least so she claims.

The actress appeared on a recent episode of Entertainment Tonight, and she revealed that she finds it so hard to consistently workout, so instead, she simply meditates.

I really believe it is. People say it’s exercising. I think it’s meditation. You have to find your way. For me, exercising is hard. It’s really, really difficult to have the discipline to do it. But meditation is a walk in the park, because it’s my own form of it. I do it every day.

That’s right. She credits her youthful appearance to meditation. And she’s not just saying this either. She truly believes it. Back in July, she praised meditation during a chit-chat on Kelly Ripa’s podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera.

When I don’t [meditate] for some time, guess what? Not only [does] the face starts to drop and everything starts to drop, [but also] my herniated disc, the problem in my neck, the problem in my hip, my ankles [comes back]. I start breaking down. Sometimes when I’m doing it, people tell me when I come out of the room, ‘Oh my God, you look 20 years old.’

She also claims she’s never gotten Botox, but we find that hard to believe. Celebs love to deny any cosmetic surgery, so you really can’t take their word for it.

But either way, she looks damn good for 57!