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Emily Ratajkowski Says She’s Willing To Date Anyone Who Offers To Take Her To Dinner

As some of you may know, model Emily Ratajkowski went through a pretty messy divorce with Sebastian McClard last year. The dumb-dumb apparently cheated on her, and well, she wasn’t going to put up with that.

And after a few months of healing, Emily put herself back on the market, and she’s been dating heavily these past several months. She has been spotted on dates with a number of men, including Eric Andre, Brad Pitt, DJ Orazio Rispo, Pete Davidson, Harry Styles and most recently Jennifer Aniston’s ex, Justin Theroux.

Safe to say, she’s been playing the field a little bit.

So how could you find yourself on a date with Emily? Well, she claims all you have to do is offer to take her to dinner. The 32-year-old star posted the TikTok you see below. In it, the text on screen reads, “Newly single me deciding to date anyone who wanted to take me to dinner,” with a voiceover that repeatedly says, “Let’s do it.”

@emratagrateful this period of the healing process has passed

♬ original sound – Mr_Superkick

I know it’s not exactly the point that should be taken from this video, but damn, why are celebrities so bad at lip-syncing? It’s really not that hard, especially when you could have multiple attempts at it.

Anyway, apparently now’s the time to shoot your shot at her. Someone in the comments joked how they already had a reservation at Chili’s, so you may want to opt for Red Lobster.