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Kanye West Is Being Sued By Former Project Manager After Making Bizarre Demands Regarding New Malibu Home

Trouble just seems to follow Kanye West like a lost puppy. The rapper/fashion mogul is facing a new lawsuit this week. According to the reports, a man by the name of Tony Saxon is suing West for numerous labor code violations, as well as unpaid wages and damages.

Saxon claims he worked for West as a project manager/property caretaker, and he was in charge of looking after the remodeling of West’s Malibu home, which he purchased back in September of 2021.

Not long after purchasing the home, West put Saxon in charge, but the work relationship lasted just two months, and Saxon is putting all the blame on Kanye’s wild demands.

He says Kanye fired him after he refused to remove all windows and electricity from the home. Apparently, West wanted to turn this place into a bomb shelter.