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Eminem Blocks Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy From Using His Music After Insanely Awkward Video

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy went semi-viral last month when he decided to rap Eminem’s track, Lose Yourself, at the Iowa State Fair.

If you missed it, consider yourself lucky. If you like to torture yourself, then click “play” on that video above. Before rapping, he reportedly told the crowd that the track was his favorite song to come out on stage to on the campaign trail.

It’s pretty hilarious honestly. This insanely rich douchebag rapping along to a track about growing up in a trailer park.

Anyway, we have some bad news for Vivek. Thanks to his rapping stunt, word reached Eminem about Vivek using his track on the campaign trail, and he decided to put a quick end to that sh*t.

He sent a letter to music licenser BMI, demanding they pull his songs from their agreement to block Vivek from using them.

As a result, BMI fired off a cease and desist letter to Vivek’s campaign lawyer last week … telling them Eminem’s objecting to the use of his songs. In the letter, first obtained by Daily Mail, BMI threatens legal consequences should Vivek’s campaign keep Eminem’s songs in its rotation.

Good on Eminem. Vivek is truly one of the worst candidates in recent memory, and sadly, he’s connecting with the same base Trump managed to fool several years ago. He is surging in the polls. The good news is that he’ll likely run himself into some sort of controversy at some point. He’s too full of himself to avoid it.