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Did 50 Cent Really Post Old Photos Of Ciara Groping His Junk? We Have The Photos AND Truth Inside!


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50 Cent is no stranger to controversy, especially on his Instagram account. The 48-year-old rapper has started many beefs on social media and has probably been *this close* to being canceled at least a dozen times.

But this latest stunt had even his most loyal followers questioning his sanity.

You see, on Monday, 50 Cent marked the 16th anniversary of his third album, Curtis. He posted steamy shots from the record’s liner notes.

One of the snaps shows a woman standing behind him — her face obscured by his torso — with one hand fondling his rippling abs and the other shoved down the front of his open pants.

People were under the impression that the woman in these sexy snaps was Ciara, who was dating 50 Cent when he dropped this album 16 years ago. For years now, people just assumed she was the model in the photos.

Even popular rap magazines like Vibe were running headlines like, “50 Cent Shares Lewd Photos Of Ex, Ciara,” which added to the outrage. Many people commented on the post with things like, “Yo, that’s someone’s wife now Fif. Take these posts down,” while others wrote, “Russell Wilson ain’t going to like this.”

But apparently, all the hubbub was for nothing because the model in the photo is not Ciara. 50’s longtime rep, Amanda Ruisi, told the media that the photoshoot taken years ago actually featured two different models.

Two different models are featured on the ‘Curtis’ album cover. Neither of whom is Ciara.

So there you have it. Nothing to see here. Well, there is something to see… it’s just not Ciara.