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YouTube Suspends Russell Brand From Making Money Off Videos After Multiple Rape Claims

It looks like Russell Brand’s final string to relevancy has been severed. His YouTube channel, which boasts over 6.6 million subscribers, has been demonetized. He can no longer make money off the platform, and you have to imagine that’s going to be a huge blow to his income.

Why did YouTube do this? Well, because there’s like a 99% chance that Brand raped multiple women several years ago. If you missed it, Channel 4 in the U.K. dropped a shocking documentary about the 48-year-old comedian over the weekend.

In the doc, several women came forward, accusing Brand of rape and sexual assault. One victim was just 16-years-old.

The four allegations date from between 2006 and 2013. London’s Metropolitan Police force said that since those claims were made public, it has received a report of a separate sexual assault dating from 2003.

The accusations against him are pretty horrendous and of course he’s denying every single one of them. In fact, he’s taking it a step further by claiming this is a calculated attack against him for “speaking the truth” about corporations and the media on his YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel has featured COVID-19 conspiracy theories, vaccine misinformation and interviews with controversial broadcasters, including Tucker Carlson.

His cult-like following believes there is some conspiracy against him, which is pretty ridiculous. No one gives a sh*t about what Russell Brand is saying on his YouTube channel. He doesn’t have the secrets to the universe.

In fact, if you want to believe in a conspiracy theory, believe in the one that suggests he went down this conservative/anti-establishment rabbit hole a few years ago so that he’d have something/someone to blame when these allegations eventually came out.

Because let’s be honest here, he knew they were going to come out. There had been rumblings for a long time, and in his early days, he admitted to having a sex addiction.

No one should be surprised by this.