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Jennifer Garner Tries To Give Barefoot Homeless Man The Shoes And Socks Off Her Feet

We all know Jennifer Garner is one of the nicest stars in Hollywood. You really can’t find one negative story about her. She just seems to have a super sweet soul.

And she put that soul to work this past weekend during a trip to the beach in Santa Monica. A paparazzo was filming her getting in her vehicle when she noticed a homeless man in a wheelchair rolling up next to her. She rolled down the window and began chatting with him.

She then gave him a plastic baggie full of essentials. Seconds later, she noticed he didn’t have any socks or shoes on his feet, so she exited her car and put a pair of socks on his feet. She tried to give him her shoes, but they were far too small for his feet.

But she didn’t give up. Instead, she walked over to the paparazzo filming everything and said, “What size feet do you have? Can I buy your shoes for him? He needs a shoe.”

The paparazzo happened to be the right size for the homeless man, so he gave him his shoes, adding that Garner doesn’t need to pay him anything for them.

After Garner put the pap’s black sneakers on the man’s feet, the former added that he had a blanket in his car and offered it up as well.

It was a pretty neat moment. People coming together to help someone in need.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Garner has shown her kind spirit. Last April, she held a massive food drive at her home in honor of her 50th birthday.