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Uh-Oh! Sophie Turner Is Suing Joe Jonas, Demands Their Children Be Returned To England!

As expected, the divorce between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas is getting messier by the second. The former ‘Game of Thrones‘ actress just filed a shocking lawsuit in a Manhattan court on Thursday morning, requesting to secure the “immediate return of children wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained.”

For those who don’t know, Joe and Sophie share two kids together: a 3-year-old daughter named Willa and another daughter who was just born in 2022.

According to the documents filed in court by Turner’s attorneys, she and Joe made a verbal agreement back in December of 2022 that they would make England their “forever home” and would raise the girls out there. She even claims they had been looking for a school for Willa.

The now-former couple ultimately found the perfect home in the English countryside, which is why the put their Miami estate up for sale, and began a long-term rental contract with plans to purchase the property.

She claims they officially relocated to England in April of 2023, which is around the time she began filming a miniseries in London. This is also around the time Joe went on tour with his brothers.

This is where things get complicated. Turner says she decided “with hesitation” to let the kids travel with Joe and the band because he would have more free periods during the day to spend with them.

The children would then at least be able to spend some time during the day with one of their parents until the Mother finished her filming commitments. It was a temporary arrangement.

But then the drama started. In the docs, Turner claims the dismantling of their marriage happened “very suddenly” following an argument on Joe’s birthday on August 15.

Two weeks later, Joe filed for divorce, and Turner says she didn’t even find out about the divorce filing until she heard about it through the media a few days later.

Two weeks after Jonas’ divorce filing, the musician and actress met up to discuss their separation, with Turner claiming in the documents that she ‘reiterated’ their plan to have the kids move to England, but now she’s accusing him of withholding their passports. According to the filing, Jonas’ attorney then confirmed on Sept. 19 that he won’t return the passports or consent to the daughters moving across the pond, prompting Turner’s lawsuit.

Yikes. Stay tuned on this one. It’s just the beginning.