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What Did Joe Jonas Hear Estranged Wife Sophie Turner Say About Him On Ring Camera?

As you all should know by now, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting a divorce. Joe Jonas shocked everyone (including Sophie Turner) by filing for a divorce earlier this month. He did it while Sophie was overseas filming a tv show, and reports say she was blindsided.

Days after Joe filed for divorce, there was a report claiming the final straw for him was catching Turner saying something on their Ring camera. The report did not reveal what she said or did, but some people were speculating it involved cheating.

However, now it looks like he just simply heard her talking badly about him following an argument, which let’s be honest, who hasn’t talked sh*t about their life partner?

An insider didn’t say what exactly she said, but they made it clear it was nothing more than “bad-mouthing,” but apparently that was enough for Joe to pull the plug.

According to Turner, she didn’t even know he filed for divorce until after she was alerted by the media four days later. And while that sounds like a pu**y move by Joe, it’s par for the course for the singer, who once broke up with Taylor Swift over a voicemail.

Anyway, Joe and Sophie share two daughters together, and they’re already battling in court over custody and whether the girls will live in the U.S. or the U.K.

Hopefully they can figure things out and focus on what is actually best for their kids. You gotta take your pride out of it.