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Kevin Spacey Was Rushed To Hospital Fearing He Was Having A Heart Attack

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey had a big medical scare this past week while overseas in Uzbekistan, which is a country in central Asia, for those who grew up in the U.S. and know nothing of the world around you. (I’m including myself in that, btw)

Anyway, the 64-year-old actor was attending the 15th Tashkent International Film Festival when he noticed his entire arm went numb for nearly 10 minutes.

Fearing he was having a heart attack, he was rushed to the hospital, but after lots of testing, doctors gave him the all clear. He appeared on the festival stage later that same night and told the crowd he appreciates life just a little more now.

It made me really take a moment and think about how fragile life is — for all of us. I spent the afternoon there having a variety of tests. Staff took care of me, and even put me through an MRI. Everything turned out to be completely normal, and I’m grateful it’s not anything more serious.

It’s interesting that this is the event that made him appreciate life more, and not the possibility of spending years in prison after he was accused of sexual assault. You’ll remember an actor come out and accused Spacey of grooming him several years ago. In total, four men have spoken out against Spacey, but during his sexual assault trial, the jury found him not guilty and he was cleared of the charges.

And according to the actor, he is ready to make a comeback, claiming multiple Hollywood producers are ready to welcome him back.

I know there are a lot of people right now who are ready to hire me the moment I am cleared of these charges in London. The second that happens, they’re ready to move forward.

It’s worth noting, Hollywood has not come knocking on his door just yet, but we’ll see if that changes once the SAG strike ends.