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77-Year-Old Cher Admits Her 37-Year-Old Boyfriend Doesn’t Get Most Of Her References

Cher, otherwise known as “The Goddess of Pop”, was born in the year 1946. Her boyfriend, A.E. Edwards? 1986. There is a gigantic 40-year age gap between them, but apparently neither one of them mind all that much.

After briefly splitting earlier this year, Cher recently confirmed that she and Edwards have rekindled their relationship. She talked to Extra about the romance, detailing the ins and outs of dating someone who is 40 years her junior.

I hate to talk about how happy I am, but no, we have a great time together. We can talk music. We can talk about everything. He’s got a great sense of humor, he’s got the cutest son in the world, ever … We just get each other. Sometimes I’m talking to him and he has no idea who I’m talking about … The other day, I said, ‘Do you know who, I don’t know, Clark Gable, [is]?’ Somebody said, ‘Yes, of course,’ but most of my references … He’ll look at me and go, ‘I wasn’t born yet.’

She also gushed over his appearance, calling him a “beautiful man” with white hair, diamond teeth and tattoos. Apparently, she’s a fan of bejeweled mouths.

For those who don’t know the beginnings of their relationship, they reportedly sparked an instant connection after meeting for just 15 minutes at a Paris Fashion Week event back in late 2022. They exchanged numbers, started texting constantly, and well, the rest is history.

And while Cher did worry he was way too young for her, she ultimately decided to let happiness guide her.

If you have happiness, you can’t think about how long it’s going to last. You have to think about ‘How does it feel?’ and live in the moment.