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You Have To Watch Sydney Sweeney Freak Out After Being Bitten By Large Huntsman Spider

News recently broke that Sydney Sweeney would be playing Spider-Woman in the upcoming Madame Web film, and wouldn’t you know it, earlier this year she actually was bitten by a real life spider.

The frightening incident happened while filming the rom-com, Anyone But You, with Glen Powell. In the movie, there’s a scene where her character is supposed to be bitten by a spider. And instead of using some CGI to place a spider on her arm, the director decided to use a real life Huntsman spider.

Of course, there was an animal trainer on set, and the spider was supposed to just crawl up her arm, but sadly, it actually did bite her. And to make matters worse, she was supposed to act like she was being bitten in the scene, so no one believed her at first when she started shouting.

She revealed the special blooper while talking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

    (skip to around 5:00 minute mark)

Huntsman spiders are all over Australia, and while they’re very big and frightening, their venom does not harm humans. They still deliver a painful bite, as you can tell by Sydney’s scream, but she didn’t have to be rushed to the hospital or anything. Docs on set checked her out and determined she was fine.

‘Anyone But You’ hits theaters on December 22. It’s the perfect Christmas movie for those wanting to take their family to watch two very attractive people in bathing suits.