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Take A Look Inside Kim Kardashian’s $150 Million Jet She Refers To As “Kim Air”

According to the experts, the average American will make just over $2 million in his/her lifetime. That sounds like a lot, but really it’s like $50k or $60k a year, which is just barely getting by these days, or not getting by at all if you’re trying to raise a family.

We say all this for perspective as we inform you that Kim Kardashian has a private jet that’s worth $150 million. The 43-year-old billionaire purchased the jet for $95 million in 2022, but she’s added lots of modifications in the past year, so the aircraft is now worth $150 million.

She showcased the jet on a recent episode of The Kardashians on Hulu. “I feel like I’m doing an MTV Cribs for planes,” she joked, before trying to sound modest, “I never dreamed I would own a plane.”

Kim talked about how she wanted the aircraft to feel like her living room, but just in the sky.

Usually, planes are dark with lighter leather. Mine — I had custom, all-light wood. I had a bathroom put in the front and a bathroom put in the back. Every seat has its own phone charger. The best, most exciting part of the plane are the cashmere accents on the overhead baggage compartments, ceilings, seats and headrests.

Ah, yeah. We’re pretty sure all the goats who are abused throughout their life, only to be murdered once they are of no value, would disagree with the whole “cashmere being the best part” thing.

Elsewhere in the tour, Kim revealed she does not allow shoes on her plane. Instead, everyone must wear custom Skims slippers, even her family. No exceptions.