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Kanye West Goes On Another Wild Rant Against Jews, And This Might Be The Most Unhinged One Yet!

I think it’s safe to say Kanye West is losing it. The 46-year-old rapper, who has struggled with mental health issues and has refused to medicate properly to treat them, is obviously going through one of his worst episodes ever.

He was filmed, somewhere in Las Vegas, surrounded by a group of people early Friday morning. Everyone stood around him as if he were leading a cult and listened to him rant for nearly 10 minutes. Most of his rant was directed at the Jewish community once again.

He claimed that “Zionist Jews” own all the hospitals, banks and private schools in Los Angeles. Also, at one point he bizarrely yelled, “Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye! Sponsor that!!!” … yikes!

During the rant, which was live streamed by several people in the room — including Miami influencer Yes Juelz, who was standing next to him — Kanye screamed ‘f*** Balenciaga, Gap and Louis Vuitton.’ He also said he wouldn’t support Donald Trump’s run for president if he didn’t free Larry Hoover from prison.

Oh, and he appears to be pitting his 10-year-old daughter, North West, against her own mother, Kim Kardashian. As some of you may have saw, North appeared onstage with Kanye earlier this week for his special listening party for his new album.

And according to Kanye, North had to raise all sorts of hell at home to be with him.

“My daughter ripped up the mother f**king couches in the house to be able to be with me right now,” he yelled during his rant, which sounds a little worrisome. Let’s hope he’s not able to brainwash her. If I were Kim, I’d be going to court and demanding supervised visits until Kanye gets back on medication.