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Cardi B UNLOADS On Offset, Calls Him Out For Playing Games With Her And Being Ungrateful

The most recent split between Cardi B and Offset is getting nasty. Offset has largely remained silent on the split, but Cardi B has been doing the most online.

She first called out her ex on Twitter, calling him a “bi*** a*s nikka” and promising him to “take it there,” and then she did take him there by recording herself during a live.

In the video, you can hear in her voice just how emotional she is. She claims Offset is ungrateful and has never once acknowledged everything she’s done for him throughout their years together.

Cardi’s pain is coming through clearly here … it’s evident in her voice, as she says she’s done a lot for Offset over the years, only for him to play games with her when she’s at her most vulnerable. She’s also taking shots at him with social media posts.

Cardi and Offset have split before, and they have both accused the other of cheating, but it definitely looks like this split might be for good. She really does seem tired of his sh*t, although, at the same time, she seems to be fighting for his attention.

They have two kids together, which will make their divorce even more complicated, if they end up going through with the divorce.

We will keep you posted. But right now, Offset has Cardi in her most emotional state.