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Christina Aguilera Shocks Fans With 40 Pound Weight Loss To Kick Off Las Vegas Residency

On Saturday (Dec. 30) Christina Aguilera kicked off her Las Vegas residency at The Venetian to a sold out crowd. And that crowd was shocked when Xtina took the stage, showing off her 40-pound weight loss.

If you’ve been following the 43-year-old singer’s career, then you know her weight has fluctuated quite a bit. She would drop weight, put on weight, and repeat the cycle. In recent years, she seemed to be gaining more than she was losing.

Looks like that’s all over now though.

How did she do it? You might be thinking Ozempic, which is how every celeb seems to be losing weight these days. But according to Xtina and those around her, she’s simply changing up her diet and being more active.

She’s more focused on whole foods now and has cut out most snacks.

Besides her balanced diet, she also likes to stay very active and do a wide-ranging workout routine to keep fit. She reportedly enjoys yoga, boxing, strength training as well as cardio exercises and will workout two to five times a week.

And now she has the shows in Las Vegas, so she’s probably burning lots of calories onstage every weekend. Honestly, she probably dropped the weight for the residency. You have to be in shape to handle all those shows.

After all, she has previously said she loved her curvy body and admitted she hated being super skinny when she first entered the music scene.