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Joe Jonas Is Moving On From Ex-Wife Sophie Turner With A Model Named Stormi Bree

There’s a storm brewing for Joe Jonas… IN HIS PANTS!

The 34-year-old singer was spotted leaving an airport in Cabo San Lucas with a model named Stormi Bree. And while her name sounds like it was designed for adult films, she is much classier than that. She was crowned Miss Tennessee back in 2008 and then Miss Teen USA in 2009.

She has over one million followers on Instagram, and that number will likely rise as she’s now making the headlines for this potential romance with Joe Jonas.

Just three days before Joe left the private airport with Bree, he and his brothers performed at a private show inside a local hotel for New Year’s Eve. It’s not clear if Bree was there.

As most of you know, Joe filed for divorce from Sophie Turner in September after four years of marriage and welcoming two daughters together. Their divorce was a shock to everyone, and the weeks following were filled with drama, with Joe’s camp trying to paint Sophie out to be a horrible mother who puts her career before family.

After some back and forth through the tabloids, the two sides finally sat down with each other (and their lawyers) and were able to work out a short-term custody agreement.

In the months since, Sophie has found herself a new man. She’s been dating some rich British dude named Peregrine Pearson, and insiders say she’s happier than ever.