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Did Timothee Chalamet Really Refuse To Take A Photo With Selena Gomez At The Golden Globes?

Ah, yes. The Golden Globes are back, and we honestly could not be more grateful because they always bring the drama. It’s probably because it’s one of the only award shows to serve alcohol. Whatever the case, we love the messiness.

And one of the biggest tea spills coming out of Sunday night’s Golden Globes is the off-camera conversation Selena Gomez had with Taylor Swift and Keleigh Sperry, who is married to Miles Teller.

The clip below shows Gomez gossiping to Swift and Sperry during a commercial break. And according to some “lip reader experts” they were gossiping about Timothee Chalamet and his boo, Kylie Jenner. According to most of the lip readers out there, Gomez reportedly said, “He didn’t want a picture with me. He said no,” and that’s when Sperry confirmed, “Timothee?” and Gomez nodded her head, much to the shock of Swift.

Of course, sources connected to Gomez deny the claim. They say she was not talking about Timothee at all, but it certainly looks like Sperry says, “With Timothee?” during the conversation.

So, why would Timothee deny a photo together? After all, he and Selena appeared in a movie together a few years back. He even gushed about how great it was working with her. So why would he diss her now? Well, people have speculated Kylie told him to say no because she has beef with Gomez. You’ll remember, during Gomez’s beef with Hailey Bieber, Kylie very much took Hailey’s side.

Who knows what’s really going on, but we do love the pettiness of it all.