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Shanna Moakler Claims Travis Barker Is A Dirty Womanizer, Slams The Entire Kardashian Family

On Wednesday, Shanna Moakler’s interview on Bunnie XO’s ‘Dumb Blonde‘ podcast hits the internet, and it promises to be a doozy.

There was a preview released today, and in the preview, Moakler calls out her former husband Travis Barker and the entire Kardashian family. You can tell there is a lot of tension between her and Barker. As some of you may know, she shares 20-year-old Landon and 18-year-old Alabama with the Blink-182 drummer.

He did me pretty dirty. His drinking is a problem. His womanizing, his addiction. I thought we were twin flames.

She claims that he always tried to play the role of super dad, demanding more attention than her, and he was successful at getting it because he had more money and fame.

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And she says that the situation has only gotten worse now that he’s an honorary Kardashian.

F–k you, that family. You’re disgusting. I removed myself so that they couldn’t bond with my children over hating me. Go do what you guys need to do and when you’re ready, I will be here loving you unconditionally. And I will be here as your mother, and I will wait. And that’s what I did. I’m tired of people s–tting on me. There are people that don’t like that family, don’t watch their f–king show and don’t give a f–k what Kim [Kardashian] is doing with her ass.


Of course, Moakler can’t blame her strained relationship with her kids on the Kardashians. She was already having issues with them before Kourtney entered the picture. Both Landon and Alabama have hinted that their mother wasn’t around for much of their life, only popping in and out when she wanted to.

According to the latest reports, her kids won’t even talk to her, which is probably why Moakler is trying to get their attention with this podcast.