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Jason Priestley (Former Roommate Of Brad Pitt) Says Brad Would Go Days Without Showering

Jason Priestley, best known for his starring role in the ’90s show, Beverly Hills 90210, was on Live! With Kelly and Mark this week to promote his new crime drama, Wild Cards.

But he didn’t spend too much time talking about the show. Instead, he talked about something that he’s far more interested in: Brad Pitt.

You see, Jason and Brad were roommates in Los Angeles before they both found success, and obviously Pitt has found much more success, and because of this, Jason loves to talk about those early days when they were best friends.

During the interview, Jason revealed he and Brad would challenge each other to see who could go the longest without showering.

We used to play this game to see who could go the longest without showering. I think about it now and I’m like, ‘Dude how disgusting, what were you thinking?’ Brad always won. I don’t think he does that anymore, but back then he could go a long time without showering.

Somehow, I think that makes girls like him even more. A dirty and smelly Brad Pitt is still 10x hotter than a clean Average Joe. During the interview, Jason also revealed that he and Brad mostly had beer in their fridge. They survived on beer and ramen. Sadly, they lost touch when they both found fame.

But perhaps one of the reasons they don’t keep in touch is because Jason can’t stop blabbing about Brad. Back in 2014, Jason released a memoir, and he spent a good chunk of it talking about his time as Brad Pitt’s roommate.

Our careers went in such different directions that we sort of lost touch with each other. Brad went off and was making movies all over the world, and I was sort of stuck in one place making a TV show, and it was back in the days before computers.

Sure, that’s the reason.