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North West Shows Off Diamond Grills After Kanye West Reveals His $850k Titanium Dentures

While most people can’t afford proper dental care in America, Kanye West and his daughter North West have reached the “accessorize” portion of their dental treatment.

Earlier this week, Kanye revealed his new titanium dentures, which reportedly set him back nearly $1 million. According to the reports, these aren’t actually dentures because Kanye did not remove his teeth. Instead, they were designed to attach to his teeth.

The 46-year-old rapper showed them off on his Instagram, comparing them to the James Bond villain, Jaws. You’ll remember that character had a mouth full of metal. We’re assuming Kanye is accepting his role as a villain in the world. He seems to like pissing people off, so it makes sense.

The dentist who gave Kanye his new look said it was a pleasure working with the rapper…

Ye was a pleasure to work with every step of the process. His vision for designing unique art transcends the dental progression. The marriage of his Vision with dental science has created a new look that is epic!

Meanwhile, North West went on TikTok on Wednesday to show off her new diamond grills. As you can see, she has four teeth covered entirely in diamonds while a few others are just outlined.

One would have to assume North was inspired by her father. After all, she appears to look up to him a lot, which is a little scary, but hey, maybe he’s a great father behind-the-scenes. I suppose it’s possible to be a great father and a terrible human, right?