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Taylor Swift Is A Hit With Travis Kelce’s Friends, They Say She’s Just Like One Of Them!

Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce are still very much an item. Their love story has been growing throughout the year, and according to multiple sources, Swift has won over nearly every person in Kelce’s inner circle.

One insider spoke to PEOPLE this past week, and they talked about how Swift fits in seamlessly with their group.

She’s there to support him and cheer him on, and she has fit in seamlessly with everyone he loves. They don’t view her as a superstar.

That’s pretty neat. After all, Swift is a billionaire. She is a legit superstar. There’s no one bigger than her right now, so it’s cool she’s able to just fit in with a group of semi regular people.

After Kelce and the Chiefs won their game on Sunday, which sent them to the Super Bowl, Swift ran on the field to give Kelce a big hug and a kiss.

Swift told Kelce, “I love you,” and said she’s never been more proud of anyone. Sources say Kelce was emotional during that special moment on the field.

To be going to Vegas now is indescribable. Having his family there, all his best friends and managers, and of course, Taylor, celebrating with him was very special. He was feeling every single emotion.

All eyes will be on Swift at the Super Bowl, and you can bet a bunch of grown ass dudes will be bitching about it.