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The Internet Claims Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Was Acting Like A “Karen” In Viral Video

The internet loves to hate women. We all know this, and one of the most perfect recent examples of this is the outrage toward Taylor Swift for simply cheering on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

A bunch of grown men crying every single time the camera briefly shows Swift cheering is pretty pathetic to me. And those same people are coming after Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany. She has been receiving even more hate than usual, thanks in large part to her becoming BFFs with Swift.

And there’s a video that’s been spreading on TikTok of Patrick and Brittany leaving the stadium after the Chiefs big win on Sunday. In the short clip, Brittany turns to a stadium employee and asks, “Where do we go from here?” while twirling her finger in the air.

@nfloncbs Vegas bound ❤️ #nfl #mahomes #chiefs #nflplayoffs ♬ original sound – NFL on CBS

People commented on the video calling her a Karen, and saying things like, “Mahomes wife needs to get off her high horse,” and “She is too much. So extra.”

But honestly, after watching the video, I don’t think it’s that bad? When I first read the comments, I was expecting something much different from the video. She looks a little anxious to me. She was probably just wanting to make sure they weren’t about to run into a swarm of paparazzi or fans.

In any event, the internet continues to do internet things. I don’t even like football, but I’m gonna be rooting hard for the Chiefs to win it all.