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Wait, What? Keke Palmer Says She Plans To Retire From Hollywood Soon

Keke Palmer has been acting since she was 9-years-old when she appeared in the second ‘Barbershop‘ film. She’s now 30-years-old and a mother to an 11-month-old son.

And while 30 has never been known as a “retirement” age, it looks like Keke is already looking forward to it.

During a new interview with Teen Vogue, the ‘Nope‘ actress said the timer has started when it comes to her leaving Hollywood behind.

I think the timer has started. I think [I haven’t retired] because I just haven’t felt it yet. But the timer, I know that it’s around the corner. I don’t know when exactly, but it’s coming.

Gotta admit, that’s pretty surprising to hear. In a lot of ways, her career is just getting started. Sure, she’s been acting for years now, but she’s just now landing starring roles in huge Hollywood productions. Before that, she spent most of her time in television.

But it looks like she’s more focused on family these days. She talked about leaving a legacy behind for her son, Leo.

I want to raise him to know that if life is a school, get out there and learn. A part of learning in this place, I think, is to love and to know how to first be unconditionally loving to yourself, so that you know how to love others and be of service to others in a way that doesn’t disadvantage them but instead empowers them.

Sounds like she’s thought about this a lot, so more power to her. We will be sad to see her go though!