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Leonardo DiCaprio And Regina Hall Spotted Filming New Movie With Paul Thomas Anderson

If you’re a movie lover, you should be really excited about the clip above, which shows some pretty talented people in Hollywood working together for the first time.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Regina Hall are filming a new movie with legendary filmmaker, Paul Thomas Anderson. We don’t know anything about the plot, but we do know they are currently filming in Northern California. And by the looks of it, Leo and Regina are playing a family of sorts.

They were spotted by locals filming a scene together insider a diner. It looks as if they kept the diner open during the filming, which means regular people were allowed to take behind-the-scenes footage.

Check out the vid — looks like PTA is giving the Oscar winner some notes while he’s chowing down. He’s clearly keeping calm — although we’re sure a regular patron or two might’ve flipped out! Eyewitnesses tell us the production team didn’t fully shut down the establishment for this shoot — and, instead, pulled an old H’Wood budget-saving move by allowing regular business to flow.

This was not the only footage locals got. Just one day before, Leo was filming a different scene, although, he looked much more disheveled in this one and cop cars were chasing him down.

Almost looks like some sort of action-comedy, which would certainly be a nice change of pace for Leo.