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Wendy Williams Has Returned, Breaks Down Crying In New Documentary Trailer

Wendy Williams is back, but probably not in the way she expected. Instead of returning to host a daytime talk show, she’s the subject of an upcoming Lifetime documentary called, ‘Where is Wendy Williams?

A trailer was released for the documentary this week, and it’s pretty sad to watch. In it, the 59-year-old daytime television legend breaks down in tears and says, “I have no money.”

The documentary features her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., her sister, Wanda, and more family members as they fight to help her get well physically but also free her from the financial prison in which she finds herself.

Kevin claims in the trailer that his mom’s “court-appointed guardian” hasn’t done a good job of protecting her. Her sister Wanda agrees, saying, “The system is broken.”

We are her family. And you tell me that I’m not capable of taking care of my sister. What would you do? What should I do?

According to the reports, she’s still under guardianship, but she’s trying her best to not let it impact her. She’s focused on her family right now, as they have been the only thing keeping her going.

“I love being famous, but family is everything,” Wendy admits. It’s not exactly clear when this documentary is supposed to be released, or if it’ll even get released at all. Lifetime is being weird with the trailer. It was briefly posted early in the morning and has now mysteriously vanished from basically every site.

Weird stuff. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be posted yet?