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Ben Affleck Made $10 Million For Starring In A 30-Second Super Bowl Commercial

What’s that? It’s noon on a Friday and you are staring at the clock, just waiting to be able to go home for the weekend? Living for those 48 hours? Hoping somehow the world stops on a Saturday and you can just live the day over and over again?

Yeah, that’s the sad life of a 9-5 employee. Working their life away just to afford a starter home and a used car.

Movie star Ben Affleck can’t relate. According to a new report from CNN, Ben made $10 million for appearing in a 30-second Super Bowl commercial last year for Dunkin’ Donuts.

You probably remember the commercial, it featured Ben working the drive-thru at a Dunkin’ Donuts location…

It sounds like a ridiculous amount of money for what was probably a day or two of work, but for Dunkin’ Donuts? It was worth it because they say they sold more donuts than any other day in history the day after the commercial aired.

After the success, Ben signed on as an official spokesperson for the company, and he will be starring in another commercial this Sunday for Super Bowl 2024.

But, it ain’t just Ben who made major bucks on Super Sunday — Larry David also snagged $10M for his now-controversial FTX ad … and CNN says at least 2 other A-list celebs are making $5M this year for appearing on-camera for less than 20 seconds in ads.

The world is a sad, unfair place… but you just gotta keep grinding. Luck doesn’t come to those who don’t work hard. Luck and hard work often grow together.