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Hot One No More, ‘Hot Ones’ Host Sean Evans Reportedly Breaks Up With Adult Film Star Melissa Stratton On V-Day!

Well, that was fast. Just yesterday, we informed you that ‘Hot Ones‘ host Sean Evans was dating adult film star, Melissa Stratton. Insiders revealed they started talking in October of last year, and then started dating earlier this year, taking trips to NYC and Los Angeles together.

Stratton basically made their relationship public this past weekend by sharing multiple snaps of her and Evans at the Super Bowl. He asked her to go with him because he knew she was a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan.

But while Stratton had no problem posting Evans on her socials, Evans did not post a single photo with her, instead opting to show snaps with Gordon Ramsay and Zedd.

And it looks like there was a reason behind that… he did not want people knowing he was dating an adult film star. Sources say Evans freaked out a little when Stratton posted photos with him, which led to him breaking up with her on Valentine’s Day.

The news, however, seemingly caught Stratton by surprise, insiders tell the outlet, as Evans was aware of what she did for a living before striking up a relationship.

Damn. That’s crazy. He couldn’t even wait until a few days after Valentine’s Day? He wanted to end it on V-Day? That’s a pretty douchey move.

I guess he couldn’t take the heat, which is a little surprising, given his day job.