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Usher Gave His Ex-Wife Tameka Foster VIP Tickets To The Super Bowl

Usher made some headlines following his Super Bowl halftime performance by marrying his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea, shortly after the game ended.

But just because he’s got a new wife now, that doesn’t mean he’s forgetting about his ex-wife, Tameka Foster. If you didn’t know, Usher and Foster share two kids together, and it looks like he’s still showing her love, even after their divorce.

He reportedly hooked up Foster with VIP tickets to the Super Bowl. Foster later confirmed the report during an interview with PageSix…

One of the perks of having Usher as an ex is going to the Super Bowl. It’s facts. I’m not dating anybody that can’t take me to the Super Bowl. That would not be my trajectory. But seeing Usher performing was definitely a perk. It was phenomenal. I had a good time. I had so much fun at the game. The halftime show, of course, was amazing.

How cool to see them both supporting each other. And we agree with her, the halftime show was great. Anyone trying to hate on Usher’s performance is just that, a hater.

Elsewhere in the interview, Foster, who is set to star in a new WE tv reality series, admitted that sometimes she does get annoyed by all the questions about her ex…

Well, the best part is that we have amazing children and they’re amazing and they’re cute. They have spunky personalities from the both of us.. The worst part is doing an interview about [her upcoming] TV show and being asked about Usher.