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Tom Cruise Is Loving Life In London, Met His New Girlfriend At A Tea Party

As some of you may have heard, Tom Cruise has finally found himself a new boo. Multiple insiders say he’s dating Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova. What’s interesting is that some sources say Khayrova is actually the daughter of a Putin-allied politician.

In any event, Cruise met Khayrova at one of his famous tea parties in London. Apparently, he’s been hosting weekly tea parties at his penthouse in London every Sunday, and the parties attract some pretty notable guests, including Prince William and Kate.

Tom has been having tea parties on Sundays in London. He’s much more comfortable in London than in LA. He has butlers and homemade cakes and it’s all very British. Someone brought Khayrova.

Obviously they hit it off because they’re seeing each other a lot these days. They were first spotted together back in December at a party where they were seen dancing together for hours.

A week later, he rented out an entire floor of the swanky London restaurant Novikov so they could dine privately on over $600 of lobster, seafood and sushi, reported The Sun.

Safe to say, Maverick is smitten! Insiders say Cruise and Khayrova are a legit item, but they want to keep their privacy, so don’t expect to see a lot of photos of them out in public together.

Khayrova was previously married to Russian oligarch Dimitry Tsvetkov. He has claimed in the past that the divorce cost him over $100 million, and that he spent at least $14 million on clothes and handbags for Khayrova over their 11 year marriage.

Sounds like she enjoys the finer things in life! Good thing Cruise is worth over $600 million!