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Kelly Ripa’s Nutritionist Breaks Down Her Full Day Of Eating, And It’s Really Bland!

How does Kelly Ripa stay in such great shape at 53-years-old? Well, she eats to fuel her body, instead of her mind. Her nutritionist, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, talked to E! News about Ripa’s daily eating habits.

He first discussed how busy she is throughout the day, filming her talk show in the morning, working out seven days a week, and taking care of her children.

“I’ve never met someone who is busier than Kelly,” he said, before giving us all details on her daily eating habits. He explained how she begins her day with a glass of water mixed with a scoop of dehydrated greens.

You have to eat your greens. But when you get it in the form of a green juice, what’s happening is you’re getting all those nutrients into the greens and you’re getting a huge amount of greens in just eight-ounce servings.

After drinking her greens, Kelly will have a cup of coffee with grass-fed butter. She doesn’t eat anything until after filming on the show ends.

Once filming completes, she usually has a snack. One of her favorites is mashed green apples, a few tablespoons of almond butter and a teaspoon of cinnamon. After her snack, she’ll have a small lunch, which is usually a salad topped with microgreens, sprouts, nuts and avocados.

For dinner? More veggies and some lean protein.

She’ll add in some steamed vegetables or some sautéed vegetables or some grilled greens. And she likes to have the vegetables in season because they’re just better for you. And then she’ll have a protein, and that could be grilled tofu or tahini or some fish protein.

And if she does treat herself to dessert, it’s typically avocado chocolate mousse, or some sort of chocolate chia pudding dish, which honestly, doesn’t sound like much of a dessert at all.

She ends nearly every night with a cup of tea.