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Take A Look Inside Taylor Swift’s Insane $25k A Night Hotel Suite In Australia

Taylor Swift is a billionaire, and she’s certainly acting like one. Not only does she fly her private jet around like it’s nothing, she also likes to stay in the nicest of hotels when she’s away from home on tour.

Currently, the 34-year-old superstar is in Australia for her Eras Tour, and she’s reportedly staying at the five-star Crown Sydney hotel.

And she’s staying inside the most expensive suite the hotel has to offer: The Presidential Villa, which offers amazing views of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour bridge. The room, which sits on the 88th floor, has its own pool, an open air terrace, floor-to-ceiling windows, office space, massage room, private gym and even a karaoke room.

Sound expensive? It is. It’s setting her back around $25,000 a night.

Swift — who arrived Down Under after supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, at the Super Bowl earlier this month — is clearly a fan of Crown’s luxurious hotels, as she is said to have stayed at the Melbourne location last week.

Can you imagine dropping $25k on a single night at a hotel room? Even if I was a billionaire, that’d be a tough pill to swallow. It just seems so outlandish.

But I suppose when you’re as famous as Swift, you need a private pool and gym, unless you want people staring at you, taking photos, and asking for autographs as you’re trying to finish a set of squats.