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Dolly Parton Welcomes Beyonce To Country Music After Queen Bey Lands Number One Hit

From one queen, to another! Dolly Parton, who is bonafide legend in country music, went on her Instagram account to congratulate Beyonce on earning the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Country chart.

The 78-year-old artist expressed excitement for Beyonce’s country album and seemed super happy to welcome her in…


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And while some “country fans” on social media have expressed disdain for Beyonce’s attempt to go country, many actual country artists are welcoming her. Darius Rucker was excited to welcome her and even said he hopes Beyonce finally wins that elusive Album of the Year Grammy.

The song, “Texas Hold ‘Em“, is being played all over country radio and we’re willing to bet it won’t be her last track to top the charts.

The full album, Act II, is set to be released on March 29, 2024. It’s the second installment of Beyonce’s three-act project she made during the pandemic. Act I was her Renaissance album.