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CNN Is Paying Don Lemon Nearly $25 Million To Settle Dispute After Ending His Contract Early

As most of you know, Don Lemon was fired by CNN last year after making a string of controversial remarks. He basically had a bad case of “foot-in-mouth” for like half a year. The network decided he was too much of a liability and canned him.

But because he had a contract, the network was forced to basically buy him out. They had been in a battle on just how much they owed him, and it looks like it was finally settled this past week.

According to The Wrap, CNN is paying Lemon $24.5 million. It’s the amount he would have received had his final contract ended in 3 years.

Must be nice to be rich, huh? Imagine being fired from your job and getting a $25 million check from the company that fired you?

Since being fired, Lemon has lost 30 pounds and launched a new show on Twitter. He posted the photo you see below, showing off his weight loss during a vacation with his fiance, Tim Malone.

Maybe we all should be fired? I mean, what? Just $25 million for doing nothing? Taking vacations? Losing weight? Sign me up!

Although, we’re sure he’d probably still rather be on CNN, hosting one of their more popular shows and covering the upcoming election. It’s hard to lose the spotlight.