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Wendy Williams’ Son Says His Mom’s Dementia Was Caused By Her Alcoholism

We told you last week that Wendy Williams was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. She first learned she had some sort of brain damage back in 2019 when she entered a rehab facility in Florida, but it wasn’t until last year that she got her official diagnosis.

Those close to her knew something was up because Wendy would forget facts and memories. They also say her behavior started becoming more erratic. Wendy has always been known as a bit of an odd duck, so for her family to notice something different, you know it must have been some weird sh*t.

In the new two-part Lifetime documentary, “Where Is Wendy Williams?” her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., revealed Wendy’s alcoholism caused her dementia…

I was able to really learn more about things going on with my mother internally. [Doctors] basically said that because she was drinking so much, it was starting to affect her headspace and her brain. So, I think they said it was alcohol-induced dementia.

Damn. That’s a lot of drinking. Wendy’s niece, Alex Finnie, said she first knew something was up back in 2022.

But after seeing my aunt and really spending time with her in a state where she’s in right now, I quickly realized that things were just not normal. It’s heartbreaking.

Crazy stuff. It’s sad to see how much she has fallen. Sadly, it looks like the damage has been done. Let this be a lesson to all you people out there… stop putting poison in your body!