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Uh-Oh! Diddy Sued For Sexual Assault By Former Male Employee

There’s been a lot drama surrounding Diddy in recent months. Some people have come forward accusing him of sexual harassment, and there have been rumors questioning his sexual orientation, with some people claiming he likes dudes.

And now, there’s more smoke being added to the fire.

A new lawsuit just dropped by Rodney Jones, who used to work for Diddy as a producer/videographer. He claims throughout their time working together, Diddy repeatedly assaulted him sexually and made unwanted advances.

Jones claims Diddy, among other things, would grope Jones’s genitals and touch his anus. Jones goes on to allege Diddy would parade around naked in front of Jones. Jones believes Diddy was trying to groom him into having sex. He says Diddy would downplay the alleged assaults as ‘horseplay.’

Yikes. That’s weird. Horseplay? Is that how Diddy plays with horses? He touches their anus?

Jones also claims Diddy forced him to watch a video of two dudes having sex. He included a screen grab of the video in his lawsuit, which we’re sure the judge appreciated.