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Is Scott Disick Okay? Reality Star Looks Dangerously Skinny In New Photos

Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ star Scott Disick has fans concerned after he was photographed out and about in Los Angeles last week.

The paparazzi snapped some candid photos of him, and as you can see, he looks gaunt. His eyes especially have that sunken in appearance you often see in people with eating disorders or a serious illness.

Some fans believe the 40-year-old star is using the celebrity weight loss drug Ozempic. And if he is, the dude needs to stop, because that sh*t is making him too skinny.

Several fans commented on these new photos, writing things like, “He does not look good,” and “Another LA Ozempic sighting!”

Some of you may remember that Disick got into a pretty scary car accident back in 2022 when he flipped his Lambo upside down on a residential street. He suffered a severe back injury, which made him gain weight. He also revealed it impacted his sex life.

Since then, everything in my life has changed. I haven’t been able to run around. I’ve gained weight. I’ve become terrible at sex.

We can’t imagine his sex life is any better at this weight either. Hopefully this was just a case of bad lighting or a poor angle. We’ll wait until more photos of him are released before making our official diagnosis.

In the meantime, stay healthy Scott!