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John Mulaney Is Reportedly Not Mentioned In Ex-Wife’s Upcoming Memoir

As some of you may know, John Mulaney’s ex-wife, Anna Marie Tendler, is about to release a new memoir titled, “Men Have Called Her Crazy

And when she teased the project, she noted it was about “the endless source of my heartbreak and rage — men,” which had most people believing she was going to trash Mulaney. You’ll remember he shocked the world by filing for divorce in 2021 after Anna had stuck by his side through his many rehab stints for his cocaine/percocet/adderall addiction.

He then got with Olivia Munn a short time later and ended up having a kid with her, which is something he and Anna were trying to do for a long time.

So yeah, people believed Anna was going to come after him in this new memoir, but apparently, Mulaney is not mentioned at all in the book. A source who has read the manuscript claims Anna spends most of her time writing about a relationship she was in before Mulaney.

He’s not in it, nor is he even alluded to. She talks about the relationship prior to John.

We don’t know if we can trust this source or not, but it seems like an odd thing to just lie about. I suppose we’ll all know for sure once the book is released in August.

If Mulaney truly isn’t mentioned, it was pretty good marketing by Anna. We’re sure she’ll be getting a lot of presales from people expecting her to talk about her relationship with the comedian.