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Cher Fans Mad At Jennifer Hudson For “Upstaging” Her During Duet At iHeartRadio Awards

The iHeartRadio Awards went down on Monday night, and for the most part, the award show was free of drama. We say for the most part because there was a little bit of it.

You see, Cher was presented with the Icon Award, which is a huge honor. And before accepting the award, she took the stage with Jennifer Hudson to perform, Believe. The crowd was super into the performance as the two heavyweights proudly displayed their stellar voices.

But at the end of the song, Hudson belted out a ridiculous (in a good way) high note. The crowd cheered, but some Cher fans watching at home were pissed that Hudson tried to take away from Cher’s moment.

The thing is though, we’re assuming they rehearsed this? And also, Cher looked over at Hudson and smiled. It certainly didn’t look like she took any offense to it.

That being said, Cher is 77-years-old, so her voice just doesn’t have the same oomph it once had. She couldn’t possibly match Hudson’s voice. One could argue it was a little rude of Hudson to put it down like that.

At the end of the day, we doubt Cher cares. Hell, she might have told Hudson to do that.

Haters gonna hate.