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Christina Applegate Says She Hasn’t Showered For Weeks Because She Can’t Stand Due To MS Relapse

As most of you know, 52-year-old actress Christina Applegate was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) back in 2021. It’s been a really difficult journey for her ever since with multiple relapses.

During Tuesday’s episode of Jamie-Lynn Sigler’sMeSsy‘ podcast, the ‘Dead to Me‘ actress talked about how her legs are basically giving out on her.

My legs have never been this bad so I don’t know what’s going on. Like, no energy. Legs are just done. I can’t get circulation. I can’t get them to stop hurting. I can’t walk to the bathroom without feeling like I’m going to fall.

She also revealed that she hadn’t showered for nearly a month because she can’t stand long enough to take a shower. She joked about using flushable wipes to keep her clean.

I haven’t taken a shower in three weeks because I can’t stand in my shower. There is no f–king way I can stand in my shower. I haven’t slept for 24 hours because my eye is doing something weird where every time I close my eye to go to sleep my right eye starts to shift like this,

Yikes. We’re not sure why she just couldn’t get a shower chair, but hey, we’re not going to question it. We’re sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

The good news is that reps for Applegate claim this podcast was filmed a few months back and Applegate is doing much better now, which we can only hope means she has since showered.