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Steve-O Says He Looks At Bill Maher Differently After He Refused To Respect His Sobriety

If you know anything at all about Steve-O, then you know he’s sober. The 49-year-old former ‘Jackass‘ star has been sober nearly 16 years. That’s a huge deal. His sobriety is very important to him.

During a recent episode of his ‘Wild Ride!‘ podcast, Steve-O talked about how he was invited to be a guest on Bill Maher’s podcast, Club Random.

But he says the invitation was rescinded after he asked to be in a smoke-free environment. You see, Maher loves to smoke weed during his podcast, and Steve-O doesn’t want to be around anything that might impact his sobriety.

Seems like a simple request, right? Surely Maher could refrain from smoking pot for one episode, right? Wrong.

His thing is he smokes pot the whole time while he interviews people and I said, ‘Hey, I’d happily go on there but could he — while I’m on, out of respect for my sobriety — could he refrain from smoking pot?’ And he said, ‘No that’s a dealbreaker.’

He pointed out how he’s been on other podcasts, such as Mike Tyson’sHotboxin‘ show, and everyone has been respectful of his wishes.

Be real, like all of these prolific potheads, I’ve been on their shows and it wasn’t so important to them to blow marijuana smoke in my face — but for Bill Maher, it was a dealbreaker.

Steve-O says he looks at Maher in a less positive light now, and honestly, we don’t blame him. Maher has always given off major a**hole vibes, but this a new level.