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Wild Video Shows Woman Having A Truly Bizarre Meltdown On Plane

You’ve probably seen a lot of meltdowns on planes before, but we doubt any of them have been this cartoonish. A woman on a Spirit Airlines flight left people in shock and laughter as she was removed off the aircraft.

The plane was taking off from Vegas (no surprise there) and you can see at least three officers trying to remove this lady from her seat, but she’s putting on one heck of a performance.

You can see the police put one handcuff on her as the woman protests, and when they tell her she’s under arrest — she says that’s fine … noting she’s been there before. That’s when the woman claims cops are hurting her, and she starts to wail like a siren.

It’s pretty damn crazy. The noises and faces she was making? Yikes. We don’t know if she was on drugs or has some sort of mental illness, but either way, she was in need of some serious help.

You can hear people laughing at the noises she was making. It even looked like the cops were trying to hold back their laughter.

Eventually, when the officers try to get a bit more aggressive in getting her off the plane … she slaps one of their hands away. The man who posted this says everyone onboard had to deplane for the cops to deal with this woman.

We’re sure they weren’t laughing then. That’s a pretty big inconvenience.