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Jerry Seinfeld Issues Apology To Howard Stern After Basically Saying He Wasn’t Funny

On the Wednesday episode of the ‘Fly on the Wall‘ podcast, which is hosted by David Spade and Dana Carvey, Jerry Seinfeld talked about the rise of comedy podcasts.

He mentioned how Howard Stern basically invented the format, but then suggested he’s now being “outflanked” by comedians who are funnier than him.

But we’re better than him now. Howard is interesting. Howard is a great interviewer, but comedy chops, I mean, can we speak candidly? Yeah, they’re all great but let’s face it, he’s been outflanked.

Seinfeld then said Spade and Carvey’s podcast is the best one on air because they play nice together and don’t talk over each other.

The comment about Stern was spread across the internet, and now Seinfeld has issued an official apology to the longtime radio host…

I really feel bad for what I said about my friend Howard Stern in a conversation with David Spade and Dana Carvey, talking about the glut of comedy podcasts. I meant to say he must feel surrounded but I said ‘outflanked’ which sounded terrible and insulting. And of course, none of these little shows are any threat to his giant show. Anyway, it was bad and I’m sorry, Howie. I still love you. Please forgive me.

Hey, that’s big of him. He didn’t have to issue that statement. It’s clear he really feels bad about his comments. The dude is a billionaire. He has “f**k you” money, but he’s still big enough to admit when he’s wrong, so that’s pretty cool. Props to Jerry.

As far as we know, Stern hasn’t addressed the comment, but we’re sure he will soon.