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Jason Biggs’ Wife, Jenny Mollen, Gets A “Mother’s Day Makeover” After Breast Lift And Chin Lipo


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American Pie‘ actor Jason Biggs’ wife, Jenny Mollen, didn’t want flowers or chocolates for Mother’s Day this year, she wanted something a little more permanent.

The 44-year-old mom of two posted a series of Instagram videos on Thursday, revealing that she and her mother went to Dr. Oren Tepper for plastic surgery.

She shared that she went for a breast lift and chin liposuction in addition to having fat near from her knee area transferred to underneath her eyes to alleviate dark circles and give a more youthful look.

She spent some time recovering at a hotel in New York City. She posted a video, wearing a headband around her chin, and talking to the camera, “I’m feeling pretty good. I would say the most painful part was lipo.”

Fans speculated she also had her nose done, but she says the nose is all hers. Her mom apparently got a lip lift and had fat injected into the tops of her hands.

Several people commented on the video, praising them for being so open about the plastic surgery. Most people, especially celebs, try to hide the fact that they’re not all natural.

Jenny and Jason have been together since 2008, and for the most part, it’s been smooth sailing, but here recently, they went through a difficult time with Jason’s alcoholism.

Last year, he talked about hiding his addiction while appearing on Jenny’s podcast.

I knew how to get wasted enough to where I took myself out of the life equation, took myself out of the present, didn’t have to connect in a way that made me feel things. I had it figured out to a T. To not get too drunk where I couldn’t have a conversation with you. I was replacing those bottles in the bar all the time.


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