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The Real-Life Stalker From Netflix’s ‘Baby Reindeer’ Claims She’s Not A Stalker At All, Threatens To Sue!

The new Netflix series, Baby Reindeer, is taking the world by storm. It’s one of the most popular shows on the streaming giant, and for good reason. It’s incredibly well done and based on a true story, and the lead actor (Richard Gadd) is the guy it apparently happened to.

For those who know nothing about the show, it basically follows this struggling stand-up comic who works at a dive bar. And one day, this sad-looking woman (Martha) comes in, sits at the bar, and starts crying. The main guy feels bad for her, so he gives her a drink on the house and sparks up a conversation.

In the months following, Martha begins stalking him, sending him over 40,000 emails and following him home, sitting outside his house all night.

Well, after the show premiered, the internet did their thing and found the real life Martha, a woman by the name of Fiona Harvey, and she’s making some bold claims. She went on Piers Morgan’s show this week and basically accused Gadd and Netflix of spreading harmful lies about her.

She says she only saw Gadd a handful of times and sent him at most 10 emails.