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Wild Video Shows Amazon Worker Trying To Shoot His Supervisor, But Somehow He Misses At Close Range

Have you seen this video? In the clip, an Amazon security guard by the name of Ali Hamsa Yusuf, sneaks behind his supervisor’s desk and pulls out a gun.

He aims it directly at the back of their head and fires, but the gun jams. He inspects the gun and then fires again. This time, the gun fired, but somehow, he missed his supervisor.

In the video, you can see the supervisor run away. Ali also runs away, all the way out the building and to his car. He ended up getting in a shootout with police, as you can see in the video below. He reportedly hit one officer, but thankfully the officer’s bulletproof vest prevented any serious injuries.

Ali was shot multiple times and killed.

Police say they don’t know why Ali tried to shoot and kill his supervisor, but obviously more details will likely come out during the investigation.

One thing’s for sure, that supervisor is incredibly lucky to be alive. What a miracle.