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John Mayer Hits Back At People Questioning His Friendship With Andy Cohen

If you didn’t know, John Mayer and Bravo superstar Andy Cohen are the best of friends. They’ve been close for years now. Heck, in 2023, Cohen said they were “in love” but insisted it wasn’t a romantic love.

He said there’s nothing sexual about their bond, “People assume we are sleeping with each other, which we are most definitely not.”

But still, any time Cohen is interviewed, a reporter can’t help but ask about the relationship. This is probably because our society has a hard time understanding how a straight guy could have such a close friendship with a gay guy.

During a recent profile piece in The Hollywood Reporter, Cohen was once again asked about his friendship with Mayer by the reporter writing the story. Cohen laughed it off, but Mayer had a problem with it.

He wrote an open letter to the editor, explaining why the question and speculation is demeaning…

I love intelligent discourse — as I hope you’ll find this email to be — but I bristle at your selectively flimsy logic meant to coax an answer, when the premise itself is so deeply flawed, and quite possibly not even quantitatively true. Quite simply, if someone is dubious of a platonic relationship between a straight man and a gay man, I don’t think that shallow a view deserves clarification by anyone with self respect, be it Andy or your publication. Reinforcing the idea that any gay/straight relationship needs qualification that it’s not sexual devoids everyone involved of their dignity.

You can read the full letter here.

For what it’s worth, Cohen seemed to appreciate Mayer sticking up for him. On his ‘Daddy Diaries‘ podcast, Cohen said, “What an ally. I really just love that he did that, and I applaud him for wanting it published.”